Configure shortcuts (my preferences)

Quick tile window to the bottom: remove
Quick tile window to the top: change to control + shift + up
Show desktop grid: change to meta+tab
Switch to next desktop: change to control+shift+right
Switch to previous desktop: change to control+shift+left

Configure konsole

Open konsole
Settings > Manage Profiles , create a new profile and set as default

Settings > Toolbars shown > disable ‘main toolbar’ and ‘session toolbar’

Toggle ‘no border’: Settings > Configure Console > General > Remove window title bar and frame
Toggle ‘menubar’: ctrl shift m

Remove krunner desktop

Add the following to ~/.config/kdeglobals

[KDE Action Restrictions][$i] 

Disable screen locking/power saving

Advanced power settings > Stop charging only once below > 80%
Energy saving > On AC Power > turn everything off except dim screen and energy saving
Screen locking > disable

Disable wallet

sudo dnf install kwalletmanager
Then go to System Settings>Account Details>KDE Wallet and uncheck “Enable the KDE wallet subsystem”

Grub Customizer

Disable look for other operating systems.
Boot default entry after 1 second.
Kernel parameters: quiet loglevel=1 nowatchdog nvme_load=YES fsck.mode=skip modprobe.blacklist=iTCO_wdt

Desktop effects

Turn on wobbly windows, magic lamp, translucency, fall apart

Fix monitor bug

Autostart > Add login script:

killall plasmashell; sleep 3; plasmashell

Another monitor bug:

xrandr --output LVDS1 --off

Forgetting wifi password

Go to your network connections. From there click on wireless tab. Choose your connection and then click the edit button.
Make sure your password is entered then click on the wireless security tab.
Then check the box in the bottom left corner that says available to all users.

Iosevka font

sudo dnf copr enable peterwu/iosevka
sudo dnf install iosevka-fixed-ss03-fonts.noarch

I like the semibold

Maximise everything

Go to Settings -> Window Management -> Window Behaviour -> Advance and there you have a general setting for window placement and sizing.